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Based in Greater Manchester, 1st Stop Roofing and Property repairs is a professional, reliable roofing company with unrivalled expertise in the industry.


Based in Bury, Greater Manchester, 1st Stop Roofing and Property Repairs is a professional, reliable roofing company with unrivalled expertise in the industry. We focus on providing all types of roofing repairs and maintenance giving each customer an outstanding quality service and the highest finish which is made to last.

Whether you are looking for a full re-roof or minor repairs and general maintenance we apply the same standards to all of our work no matter how big or small the job. We believe that everyone should receive a great service that will protect their property for many years.

New: Tiles, Dry Ridge, Dry Verge, Gutters, Fascias & Soffits.



Our Services

1st Stop Roofing and Property Repairs’ roofing contractors offer a comprehensive range of services including:

  • Domestic & Commercial Work
  • Replacement Joists & Rafters
  • New Roofs & Re-roofs, Roof Repairs
  • Chimney Work, Lead Work, Lead Roofs
  • Flat Roofs, Felt Roofs
  • Garage & Extension Roofs
  • Fascias, Soffits & Guttering
  • UPVC, Slates
  • Tiles, Repointing, Ventilation
  • Stone Tar & Chip Coatings
  • Moss Removal & Roof Cleaning
  • EPDM/Rubber Roofing, Fibreglass Roofing
Our skilled team are on hand to help with any queries that you may have. We are happy to help and offer free advice, non-obligatory quotes, and estimates.

Fascias and Soffits

New Fascias & Soffits

We carry out fascia and soffit repairs and also upgrade to the new upvc systems.  These upgrades are much more beneficial and long lasting so work out more economical in the end.

New fascia and soffits have more advantages over the older systems, there is no maintenance, they are more durable, weatherproof, and help to keep out the birds and other creatures from settling in which in the long term can create blockages in the gutters and rain ingress through the fascias and soffits. 

There is also a choice of colour, shape and style of fascias and soffits to choose from. 

They make a more aesthetically pleasing look to properties. 

The gutters are usually updated at the same time. Call us for more information.

 More: Fascia & Soffits

Dry Fix Solutions

Dry Ridge, With Colour Options

Dry roofing is the method of mechanically fixing products and systems to the roof perimeter without the use of sand and cement mortar.

The many advantages of dry roofing highlight why it has been well established for some time and now leading the way throughout the Roofing Industry.

With many years experience and a commitment to providing an amazing service for every customer, it's easy to see why we are your first choice when it comes to roofing solutions.

Our tried-and-tested Dry Fix solutions are mechanically fitted systems (screws) which securely fixes the ridge tiles onto a roof, protecting them from wind up-lift and rain penetration.

 More: Dry Fix Roofing

Gutter Repairs

Did you know that blocked, leaking and damaged gutters are one of the biggest contributors to penetrating dampness into your home?

If you see water dripping or even gushing from your gutters you must act quickly before it starts to cause lasting damage.

That can work out as expensive to repair!  Give us a call today....

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 Roof Repairs Page

Roof Repairs

1st Stop Roofing offer an affordable roofing service, no job too big or too small.

In some cases, it may just be better to have your entire roof replaced with a more effective, attractive and functional one. Our Re-Roofing service is designed to expertly replace your existing roof and install a beautiful and efficient new one for you; in whatever style, material or colour you require.

We are constantly improving our skills, our years of experience mean we get the job done on budget and on time.

Gutters:  Inspect and repace gutters and down pipes.

Verges and Ridges:  Upgrade and replace to dry fix solutions.

Chimney Repairs:  Repairs, reductions and repointing brick work.

Chimney Crown:  The top of your chimney is called the “chimney crown.” It is designed to protect the chimney’s bricks from impairment such as water damage. Chimney crowns are usually constructed of cement, this becomes damaged and fails  over time.

All types of roof repairs available

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