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Dry Fix Roofing upgrade services from 1st Stop Roofing a Professional Roofing Company based in Bury, Manchester

About Our Dry Fix Roofing Systems

1st Stop Roofing offers dry roofing systems and is one of our best selling services/products.

Dry Fix is essentially a different way of attaching tiles to a roof than the traditional mortar system.

There are two main types of dry roof component: Dry Ridge, and Dry Verge.

Benefits of Dry Systems

For use with many different tile and slate profiles.

Provides continuous, undisturbed ridge line.

Weather Resistant and requires little to no maintenance.

The full dry fix system provides 5mm continuous ventilation along the ridge to help combat the causes of moisture damage.

Fully compatible with dry hip system for a complete dry fix solution.

Dry Fix, Dry Verge


Dry verge replaces the old mortar based fixings. With mortar, over time with the changeable weather it caused the mortar to crack and crumble. Birds also take advantage of this by chipping away at the mortar and nesting. Both can lead to rain accessing the space which causes a number of problems, dampness can become a really big problem.

Dry verge replaces the mortar. It is a much better option to keep the roof tiles secure at the edges. It also stops the birds from causing damage and bringing unwanted pests in.

Other advantages of having dry verge installed are that it is waterproof, weatherproof, and durable.

No more regular repairs so it is more cost effective and it gives the roof a really nice appearance with choices of colours.

Dry Fix, Dry Ridge

1st Stop Roofing, upgrade Ridge Tiles with new modern Dry Fix Ridge Products.

(We also carry out mortar repairs on roof ridges).

The weather takes it's toll on the roof and eventually the mortar holding the ridge tiles in place may be displaced and cause the tiles to fall, if left. We clean away the old mortar, which cracks and crumbles over time with the weather conditions and replace with new mortar. Or upgrade to the new dry roofing systems.

Dry Ridge Systems are a real asset to any building.  There are many advantages for having dry ridge installed. They are mechanically fixed and so are more secure. They are more weatherproof and waterproof and require no maintenance. They are extremely durable and will last many years.

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