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About Our Repairs Services

1st Stop Roofing offer an affordable roofing service, no job too big or too small.

In some cases, it may just be better to have your entire roof replaced with a more effective, attractive and functional one. Our Re-Roofing service is designed to expertly replace your existing roof and install a beautiful and efficient new one for you; in whatever style, material or colour you require.

We are constantly improving our skills, our years of experience mean we get the job done on budget and on time.

Gutters:  Inspect and repace gutters and down pipes.

Verges and Ridges:  Upgrade and replace to dry fix solutions.

Chimney Repairs:  Repairs, reductions and repointing brick work.

Chimney Crown:  The top of your chimney is called the “chimney crown.” It is designed to protect the chimney’s bricks from impairment such as water damage. Chimney crowns are usually constructed of cement, this becomes damaged and fails  over time.

All types of roof repairs available

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Chimney Repairs

If chimneys are left un-maintained they can deteriorate quite quickly.

This can lead to them collapsing, and not only damaging your roof but putting you, your family or passers by in danger.

Our highly skilled and experienced roofers can provide an expert repairs and maintenance service to ensure that your chimney is safe and secure.

If you would no longer like a chimney on your domestic or commercial property, we do also provide a removal service. Utilising our vast experience in the roofing industry, we will safely and effectively remove the chimney from your roof, making sure not to damage any tiles or surrounding structures.

Flat Roof Repairs

Reparing or Installing a flat roof is quite simple as long as it is done by a professional roofer, we install all types of flat roofing.

Installation and costs of a flat roof varies depending on the type of flat roof you require.

We ensure that the flat roof you require is correctly installed and suitable for the type of roof you have.

The traditional options of Flat Roofing are: Felt, Rubber and Fibreglass.

We only use good quality products and materials from reliable companies.

Flat roofing has numerous benefits. Here are some example benefits:

Advantageous to the design of smaller structures like porches and garages.

More cost effective on average than a pitched roof

Wide variety of materials.

Flat Roof Repairs

Gutter Repairs

Did you know that blocked, leaking and damaged gutters are one of the biggest contributors to penetrating dampness into your home? If you see water dripping or even gushing from your gutters you must act quickly before it starts to cause lasting damage. That can work out as expensive to repair!

Gutter repairs are usually quick, easy, and considerably cheaper than the cost of repairs that penetrating dampness can cause. Any type of dampness in the home can be unpleasant. It makes your home smell, ruins the décor of your home, and encourages mould to grow.

We are honest, reliable and provide a functional guttering service.

We provide the highest quality products with our gutter upgrade services.

Pitched Roof Repairs

You may have noticed a leak that appeared after a significant storm in your area or perhaps after a recent repair was done to your roof that wasn’t quite finished. 

Common roof repairs are slipped or missing roof tiles or slates due to wind damage or accidental damage.

Roofs are damaged by bad storms, hail damage, strong winds, extreme temperature, ice and fallen objects.  Call us to find and fix your issues.

Re-New Full Roof

Is your conservatory boiling hot in summer and freezing cold in winter?

Why not have a room that you can use, not just for summer, but winter also.

A replacement roof for a conservatory can help you to enjoy your garden or outdoor space all-year-round and can be a valuable home improvement.


Most properties are constructed with a pitched roof, which is slanted or sloped at a specific angle to ensure rainwater or snow falls away from the building. 

We provide all different types and colours of slate or tiles can be used, chosen to blend in perfectly with the colour of the bricks or outside colour of the render of your home. We also supply and fit new felt which is under the roof line and this helps with the insulation of your home. Pitched roofs, tiled roofs, slate roofs - we do it all. If you wish us to source reclaimed slate or reclaimed tiles, or to be re-used, we are quite happy for you to request this option, and we will try to source the right colour/shape/design, for example, to blend in with surrounding properties or the landscape.

1st Stop Roofing can supply and provide all types of roofing. For example: We install single ply membranes, bituminous felts and hot melt systems.  We also renew roof battens, membranes, ridge tiles, roof tiles and install new Dry Ridge, Dry Verge and Fascias and Soffits.

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